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In November 2015 we launched our new name EnviroNZ. Under the EnviroNZ umbrella sits our three service brands, EnviroWaste, EnviroWay and ChemWaste.


Through our integrated, national network of branches, facilities and joint ventures, EnviroWaste has the capability to manage for our commercial and private account customers, the progression of waste through each phase of the waste stream:

Collection:   Waste and recycling bin collection services.
Recovery:   Waste minimisation, resource recovery, recycling and composting.
Environmental Remediation:  Design, build and operation of liquid waste treatment facilities for on-site processing, destruction of off-specification products that need secure handling and contaminated site remediation.
Disposal:   Landfill design, operation and aftercare.
Gas to Energy:   Capturing landfill methane gas to generate electricity for the national grid.
Composting:  Composting has the potential to substantially reduce the amount of food waste going to landfill.


EnviroWay provides waste collection services for Councils either as a stand-alone operation or as part of an integrated resource recovery and waste disposal operation. We provide kerbside collection options for the three household waste streams - recyclables, green waste (kitchen and garden waste) and residual waste (refuse).

EnviroWay operates a modern and diverse fleet of specialised collection and bulk transport vehicles for transporting recyclables, organic waste and residual waste between collection, processing and disposal facilities.

EnviroWays's partnership philosophy ensures that we tailor our collection services to meet the specific waste minimisation goals and requirements of our client Councils.


ChemWaste specialises in liquid and solid waste treatment and disposal services in a number of locations in New Zealand. Our core activities include the transportation, treatment and disposal of all types of dangerous goods and hazardous/non-hazardous wastes. We also offer a 24 hour, seven day a week call centre to assist with emergency related spills.

ChemWaste is strategically located with specialist facilities in Auckland and Christchurch. Our support facilities, coupled with strong industry relationships, mean we are capable of servicing any requirement from Cape Reinga to Bluff.

ChemWaste is committed to waste disposal and treatment - we follow sustainable business practices and keep the needs of people and the environment always firmly in mind.