Our Initiatives

EnviroWaste’s facilities and operations have long been recognised as being amongst New Zealand’s most environmentally responsible. We dedicate substantial investment and resources to ensure that we are delivering the highest environmental standards and the most innovative and sustainable solutions.

A few examples of our innovative, first-in-New Zealand initiatives include:

1989:  Landfill Gas-to-Electricity – we pioneered the process in NZ of converting landfill methane gas into electricity. Our Hampton Downs Landfill has 7 MW of generation installed, which is capable of supplying the electricity needs of approximately 5,600 households per year.

2006:  Three stream Council kerbside collection - we implemented the first fully integrated ‘three stream’ kerbside collection system. This included the collection and processing of fully comingled recycling, mixed green waste and food waste.

2006:  Composting - we installed the first state-of-the-art Gore Cover composting plant in Australasia. Composting has the potential to substantially reduce the amount of food waste going to landfill.

2009:  Glass recycling - we developed a method to colour sort glass recycling and were the first in Australasia to use this technology. This method is now recognised as best practice for optimising the successful recovery of glass for recycling in NZ.

2016:  We were the first in NZ to treat landfill leachate via reverse osmosis. At our Hampton Downs Landfill, the reverse osmosis leachate treatment plant removes contaminants and recovers up to 300,000 litres per day of high quality purity water fit for reuse or direct discharge back into the environment.

Our partnerships with our customers are an integral part of our DNA. It’s by working closely with our customers that we are able to find the most cost-effective, sustainable waste solutions – solutions that will maximise recycling and resource recovery, so that minimal waste goes to landfill. And by helping our customers to improve their environmental performance, we also help them to make significant cost savings through a reduction in unnecessary spend on waste!