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Collections - Wheelie Bins

For a clean, efficient and cost effective way to dispose of everyday waste, EnviroWaste wheelie bins are an ideal option. A range of sizes are available. Check the Collection Services listing for your region to find out moreĀ about wheelie bin sizes and collection services in your area. EnviroCycle bins are also available for your recycling requirements.

Wheelie bins are ideal for households and are also a good choice for small or home-based businesses that generate less than 6 bags of rubbish per week.

Wheelie bins, also known as Handy bins, are a great alternative to bags. Advantages of wheelie bins include:

  • Cost effective: Cheaper per litre of waste collection
  • Clean & tidy
  • Ease of handling / Convenient to move
  • No smell
  • Rodent & Animal proof
  • Weather resistant
  • Less environmental impact than bags

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