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Environmental Management

Read Envirowaste's Environmental Policy and  Sustainability Policy.

EnviroWaste's waste facilities and operations have long been recognised as being amongst New Zealand's most environmentally responsible. Extensive physical and financial resources are committed annually to the maintenance of high environmental standards in all aspects of our business.

EnviroWaste has an extensive working knowledge of the Resource Management Act and the processes involved in compliance.  We hold more than one hundred resource consents for our national network of facilities - each with stringent consent conditions.

Our environmental management system helps manage these consents and drives continuous improvement in environmental performance.

Our commitment to responsible environmental management is also demonstrated through the extensive range of projects we're involved in.  These include landfill gas-to-power projects, kerbside recycling schemes and waste minimisation initiatives.  Environmentally responsible waste services help our customers to minimise the impact of their activities on the environment.



Enviromental Effects & Management


Environmental Management Plans

Modern engineering standards mean that waste facilities are constructed to have as little impact on the environment as possible.

EnviroWaste manages environmental effects carefully, with extensive monitoring of both water quality and air quality undertaken regularly. Every EnviroWaste site has an Environmental Management Plan to ensure compliance with our consents under the Resource Management Act (1991).



Water Quality

EnviroWaste undertakes extensive monitoring of the water quality both on and around its sites. Several types of testing are performed regularly, including those outlined below.



Leachate collection systems trap landfill leachate which forms when liquid seeps through refuse.  A network of drains collects the leachate from within the landfill for disposal at a waste water treatment plant. Leachate is monitored at bores in the landfill to check quantity and quality.



Stormwater is managed at waste facilities (landfills, managed fills, recovery facilities) to ensure only clean rainwater leaves the site. Larger sites may have stormwater ponds or wetlands. Smaller sites often have grassed swales and rain gardens. These structures retain stormwater and allow it to be released slowly into a reticulated network or natural water. By slowing the flow of water, sediment settles out of the water column. The wetlands act as a biological filter and provide habitat for native wildlife.

EnviroWaste conducts water quality monitoring to determine compliance with resource consents.


Sediment Control

Sediment control measures such as silt fences are used at landfill and managed fill sites. Silt fences are put up around areas of earthworks and in stormwater drains. Silt fences trap sediment (soil) but allow stormwater to pass, which reduces the sediment load in stormwater runoff. Sediment is also removed from surface runoff when it settles out of the water in a sediment pond - typically aided by a chemical flocculent.


Ground Water

Groundwater quality is monitored at landfills and managed fills using monitoring bores or wells.  Groundwater is collected from the wells and analysed for chemical parameters required by resource consents.


Air Quality

Landfill Gas

Landfill gas is created by decomposing refuse. The gas is primarily methane and carbon dioxide. A network of pipes collects and controls landfill gas. Following collection the landfill gas is either used for generating electricity or burnt in a flare. Regular monitoring ensures gas is not escaping through the landfill surface or migrating through the ground.



Dust is managed through strict waste acceptance criteria and use of dust suppressants. Many of EnviroWaste's Recovery Facilities are enclosed, minimising dust nuisance.



Odour is minimised through waste acceptance criteria. Odour monitoring is undertaken at Recovery Facilities, composting plants and landfills to ensure there is no odour nuisance beyond the boundary. If necessary, reodorant can be sprayed to minimise any odour that arises.

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