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Waste minimization, recycling and environmental sustainability are priority issues for Kiwi communities, businesses and governments. EnviroWaste works in partnership with our customers to implement cost-effective, sustainable waste management solutions that relieve pressure on our landfills and move us closer to a greener tomorrow.

In this era of waste minimsation and resource recovery, EnviroWaste offers a comprehensive service portfolio of ‘EnviroSolutions' for homes, businesses and communities. Through our national network of branches, strategic partners and subsidiary companies, we deliver our EnviroSolutions services, which include:


Integrated Solutions

EnviroWaste provides integrated waste solutions, focusing on maximum diversion of recyclable and compostable materials from landfill. From kerbside collection through to resource recovery and landfill gas energy generation, EnviroWaste manages the waste stream with waste minimisation as the ultimate goal.



Collections includes residential kerbside or business site collections of handy, frontload, gantry and huka bins through our modern vehicle fleet, as well as our EnviroCycle recycling bin services. EnviroCycle bins can be customised to meet any recycling need across a full range of materials, including paper, plastic, polystyrene, glass, tyres and compost. EnviroCycle bins are available nationwide.


Recovery Facilities

Recovery Facilities, which we formerly referred to as Transfer Stations, provide an efficient way of maximizing waste minimisation by extracting any additional recyclable materials from the waste streams.


Technical Services

EnviroWaste Technical services offers Hazardous and Liquid Waste Removal and Treatment; Design, Build and Operation of liquid and hazardous treatment facilities for on-site processing; Product Destruction of off-specification products that require secure handling; and Contaminated Site Remediation.



Disposal, which we formerly referred to as Landfill, refers to all of our landfill assets located in key markets. EnviroWaste is an industry leader in employing the latest technology in landfill management systems to avoid adversely affecting the surrounding environment.


Gas to Energy

Gas to Energy is the final stage in the EnviroSolutions service progression, which is where we capture landfill gas to generate electricity and contribute to the energy needs of surrounding communities. Landfill gas is a valuable source of renewable energy.

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