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Gas to Energy

In the early 1990's EnviroWaste was the first landfill operator in New Zealand to harness the gas from its landfills for the generation of electricity.

At that time, EnviroWaste operated two Landfill Gas to Energy Plants (LFGTE) in Auckland, at Rosedale and Greenmount. At their peak, these two sites combined to produce more than nine megawatts of electricity. These two landfill sites are now closed and no longer accept refuse. Consequently electricity production at these sites has significantly reduced with the reducing landfill gas volumes.

At our Hampton PARRC (power and resource recovery centre) facility in the North Waikato, we have 7 megawatts of generation capacity installed where we produce sufficient electricity to power approximately 5,000 households plus the sites electricity needs.

EnviroWaste has considerable in-house expertise and resources in landfill gas management. Our capabilities in this area have been developed over many years of management of various landfill operations throughout New Zealand.

EnviroWaste are operators and not consultants.

Should you require specialist assistance in landfill operations or landfill gas operations we would be happy to help.

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