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Integrated Solutions

EnviroWaste provides integrated waste solutions to Councils, Businesses and Homeowners, focusing on maximum diversion of recyclable and compostable materials from landfill. From kerbside collection through to resource recovery and landfill gas energy generation, EnviroWaste manages each phase of the waste stream with waste minimisation as the ultimate goal.

For Councils

EnviroWaste is experienced in designing integrated collection, resource recovery, recycling and modern landfill management programmes. Our focus with collections is to design integrated programmes that include recyclables, compostable materials and residual waste. This greatly enhances waste minimization and creates economies of scale for transportation. This in turn has the dual effects of reducing the costs of collection and reducing impact on the environment.

For Businesses

EnviroWaste conducts ‘whole of site' waste audits to identify opportunities for waste minimisation, and then develops a comprehensive waste management plan. We are able to customise collection schedules as required, and develop tailored recycling programmes using our EnviroCycle bins. We can install bailers for paper, plastic or other packaging as required.

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