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Integrated Solutions - Councils

A key factor in optimising waste minimisation is viewing the waste system of a city or district as a whole, encompassing both recyclable and refuse streams, and taking into account the efficiencies to be gained through well organised transportation and resource recovery systems. Such integrated systems include collection services, transfer stations, resource recovery parks as well as landfills.

EnviroWaste is at the cutting edge of municipal waste management in New Zealand, providing innovative, progressive solutions to the challenges faced by modern councils. We work in partnership with local government bodies to meet their waste minimisation requirements under the New Zealand Waste Strategy, tailoring operational and financial solutions to address the specific circumstances of each council.

We are an experienced service provider, holding contracts in our own right and through joint venture companies with local Councils throughout the New Zealand to provide kerbside waste and recycling solutions. EnviroWaste has proven capability in designing systems which maximise both transport efficiencies and resource recovery.

EnviroWaste's services to Councils include design, construction and operation of:

  • Recyclables collection, green waste collection and residual waste collection.
  • Resource recovery parks and recycling centres.
  • Materials Recovery Facilities (MRF).
  • Composting facilities.
  • Sanitary landfill facilities.


While EnviroWaste will provide individual services, such as kerbside collection of household recyclables, our preferred approach is to design collection systems as an integrated programme. By incorporating all three waste streams - recycling, compost and residual waste - into the collection system, minimisation of waste to landfill is greatly enhanced, as are economies of scale for transportation. This has the dual effects of reducing the costs of collection and reducing impact on the environment.

We aim to maximise effectiveness and efficiency through use of the latest supply chain techniques. In instances where the transfer station is part of a fully integrated resource recovery and waste management system, EnviroWaste will aim to operate it on site alongside a Materials Recovery Facility, composting system and landfill in order to maximise transport efficiencies.

In 2006 EnviroWaste implemented an innovative 3-bin collection system in Timaru, enabling kerbside collection of general waste, recyclables and kitchen and garden waste from households. Recyclable materials are sorted at the Materials Recovery Facility, while kitchen and garden waste are composted using state-of-the-art industrial composting technology. All of this contributes not only to the recovery of valuable resources, but also to longer life for landfills and a lessened impact on the environment.

Ongoing management of this contract was divested as part of EnviroWaste's 2007 ownership change, but EnviroWaste retains the experience. To learn more about our past partnership with Timaru District Council, click here.

EnviroWaste is committed to bringing innovative new technology and services to the New Zealand market, leading the way to a sustainable future.

EnviroWaste recognise that no one solution will meet the needs of all communities. Across the EnviroWaste group we have extensive solutions ranging from the comprehensive 3-bin model user pays recycling models.

Our focus is to work with Councils to identify the most appropriate solutions for their communities now and in the future.

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