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Kai to Compost

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‘Kai to Compost’ is an environmentally conscious food waste collection service for medium to large organic waste producers in Wellington city.

Avoid sending leftovers to Landfill

We keep your food waste out of the landfill and turn it into quality compost for local gardens.

How Kai to Compost works

  • Businesses choose from an 80, 120 or 240 litre wheelie bin to use for all their food scraps and leftovers.
  • The bins are emptied on scheduled collection days - you choose the day/s that suit.
  • Bins can be collected from waste rooms / the back of shops for your convenience.
  • After each empty, the bin is cleaned with a power washer to avoid unhygienic odours.
  • The food waste is delivered to the Council's commercial compost facility, mixed with green waste to produce compost that is sold for use locally.

Collection days

The service operates 7 days a week. We design the collection service to suit your needs.

Some customers have multiple bins collected daily and other businesses have one bin collected once a week (minimum service option available).


  • $8.50 per bin per collection.
  • $5 per bin per month.
  • Plus a monthly administration and bin hire charge of:
    • $5 for the first bin.
Prices exclude GST.
You are only charged for bins that need collection. No bin liners are needed.

“We used to send four wheelie bins full of food scraps to the local landfill. After joining Kai to Compost, we send only half a bin.”

Steve Logan
Co-owner of Enviro-mark Gold Certified Wellington restaurant Logan Brown

Kai to Compost benefits

With Kai to Compost you can:
  • reduce what food waste goes into your regular rubbish bin
  • have your bins washed out for free, saving money on bin liners
  • get a free education session introducing your staff to the service
  • alter or cancel the service within 3 to 5 working days - there are no fixed contracts
  • gain customer appreciation and tap into a new growing customer base by promoting what you're doing for the environment through the Conscious Consumers scheme

Currently, over 120 Wellington sites are using the Kai to Compost service.

What can be composted

Put the following items in your Kai to Compost bin:
  • vegetable and fruit scraps
  • cooked meat scraps
  • cooked bones - small to medium in size
  • shells - oyster, mussel, clam, crab, egg
  • breads and baking products
  • cheeses, desserts and cream
  • coffee grounds and filters
  • nuts and cereals
  • pasta and rice
  • tea bags and tea leaves
  • flowers, plants and green waste
  • compostable packaging made from sugar cane & potato starch. wooden/bamboo cutlery

Unsuitable for Kai to Compost bins:

  • large cooked bones
  • raw bones of any size
  • raw meat / fish
  • oils, liquid waste
  • oil-based plastics and some biodegradable plastics - check with us first
  • packaging made from PLA or coffee cups
  • cigarette butts
  • cleaning products, eg bleach, soaps
  • cloth / material, eg tea towels
  • general rubbish and recycling

“Service from you guys has been invisible, which is exactly what I want.”

Josh - Manager, Habitual Fix, Featherston street

“Running smoothly. Great service.”

Ross Jordan - Owner/Operator, Newlands New World

More information and ordering a Kai to Compost Bin:

freephone: 0800 240 120
Kai to Compost logo
Kai to Compost - an environmentally conscious food waste collection service from EnviroWaste
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