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Recovery Facilities - Composting

With waste minimisation at the forefront of local body priorities, many New Zealand Councils are turning to municipal organic waste collection systems and composting operations as a means of diverting a large amount of waste from landfill. EnviroWaste is in a unique position to offer municipal green waste collection and composting services, being the first provider in New Zealand to implement a three-stream residential waste collection system incorporating both kitchen and garden waste.


Green Waste Collections

The provision of garden and kitchen waste collection services has the potential to make the most dramatic reduction in waste destined for landfills of any waste minimisation initiative currently in place in New Zealand or Australia. The potential waste diversion from landfill for a green waste collection is estimated to be four times larger than for traditional recycling services. Diversion of organics from landfill will typically lift overall diversion rates to between 60% and 80%.


Innovative Technology

EnviroWaste has worked with leading providers of composting technology to provide the best solution for its client councils. The Gore CoverTM composting technology employed in EnviroWaste's Timaru operation (a project it no longer manages since an ownership change in 2007) is at the leading edge of international development, and makes composting on a large scale economically viable. The process employs hi-tech monitoring systems to manage three composting stages over eight weeks. This process results in two or three grades of high quality compost suitable for uses ranging from agriculture to use in residential gardens. The process is both clean and efficient, and deals effectively with the traditional issues associated with composting, namely odours and leachate.


Compost Marketing

EnviroWaste is developing expertise in marketing compost, which is a key consideration when introducing a municipal green waste collection. Compost produced by EnviroWaste is sold to a variety of local buyers, providing a valuable resource for the land surrounding the collection area.

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