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Recovery Facilities - Councils

EnviroWaste operates a network of modern Recovery Facilities across New Zealand. In instances where the Recovery Facility is part of a fully integrated resource recovery and waste management system for a Council, EnviroWaste will aim to operate it on site alongside a Materials Recovery Facility, composting system and landfill in order to maximise transport efficiencies.

EnviroWaste has extensively researched the design of modern Recovery Facilities in order to accommodate a diverse range of activities. The facilities incorporate provision for materials extraction and recycling mechanisms for public drop-off and re-sale. In addition, where the Recovery Facility incorporates public access, garden waste drop off centres are provided which include green waste reception and transfer operations, as well as sales outlets for gardening and landscaping products. In areas with low population densities, these public recycling centres are often an efficient means of providing a recycling service.

Entry to transfer facilities is via weighbridges interfaced to computerised data processing equipment, which provides efficient billing, data analysis and management reporting.

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