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Recovery Facilities - MRFs

The collection of household recyclable materials has become a requisite part of the waste management systems of most New Zealand Councils. Whether this is achieved via a kerbside collection or drop off system, the materials must be sorted and repacked for disposal or further processing. EnviroWaste aims to achieve maximum diversion of recyclable and organic material from landfills in the most cost effective manner.


Materials Recovery in Action

EnviroWaste designed an innovative MRF for the Timaru Council, which processes fully commingled recyclables including paper, glass, steel, aluminium and plastic. The MRF sorts the materials into separate hoppers for baling. The ability to sort fully commingled recyclables means that the collection process is simplified, leading to both cost and resource efficiencies in collection. The ongoing management of this contract was divested as part of EnviroWaste's 2007 ownership change, but EnviroWaste retains the resources and experience to design MRF's customised to the needs of your Council or community.


Closing the Loop

The recycling process does not end with the collection and repacking of recyclable materials. EnviroWaste develops markets for its recyclables both locally and internationally, meaning recovered resources are utilised in recycled packaging or other innovative ways.

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