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Technical - Sediment Control and Water Treatment

EnviroWaste Services is the New Zealand distributor of the Siltbuster mobile sediment control systems.

Siltbuster is a series of award winning, patented products designed to remove fine particles from water, including cement fines and allow treated water to be discharged off-site in an environmentally friendly form.

The units require no power; have no moving parts, no filters and minimal manpower requirements to operate.


The Benefits:

  • Fast and simple to set up.
  • Small footprint but large settlement area.
  • Unique design aids rapid particle settlement and water clarification.
  • Units outperform conventional settlement tanks and lagoons up to 20 times their plan area.
  • Units can be linked together to cope with a wide range of flows, pump sizes and particle characteristics.


Typical Applications:


  • Pumping and dewatering
  • Groundwater treatment
  • Site run-off treatment
  • Cement and mortar batching waste water
  • In-river and near river works
  • De-silting and dredging
  • Drilling, piling and coffer dams
  • Roads, pipelines and other liner projects
  • Sewage and water treatment
  • Hydro-demolition and diamond drilling
  • Materials washing and recycling
  • Plant, vehicle and wheel washing
  • Site water management

Environmental Remediation

  • Carbon and sand filter pre-treatment
  • Light oil separation
  • DNAPL separation

Industrial plants

  • Temporary water treatment plants
  • Mobile pilot units

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