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Site Remediation and Contaminated Material Handling

EnviroWaste is experienced in designing and implementing all types of contaminated site remediation. We offer competitive rates for remediation and disposal of contaminated materials at any of our licensed landfill facilities. We oversee pre-treatment of waste before disposal to landfill though specialised treatment facilities if required.

The type of remediation appropriate for a site is dependent on the specific contaminants involved and the proposed use of the site. The EnviroWaste Contaminated Site Remediation Group will assist with Remediation Action Plans and consent applications that will meet local and regional requirements.


Groundwater Treatment

Leaching of contamination from soils, or direct releases of contaminants into the saturated zone can adversely affect groundwater resources. Groundwater in turn may have an important role in sustaining flows in streams and wetlands. The EnviroWaste Contaminated Site Remediation Group has extensive experience in:

  • Groundwater recovery and treatment
  • Design and installation of treatment and product recovery wells
  • Monitoring well installation and development (in both soil and rock)
  • Groundwater sampling
  • In situ contaminant treatment (air sparging, free product recovery, dual phase vacuum extraction)


Examples of Our Remediation Experience

  • Site assessment, waste classification, and remediation of gas works sites
  • Risk screening, subsurface geophysical investigation and treatment of former pesticide dump sites
  • Contaminant identification and Remediation Action Plans for the removal of heavy metal contamination in soils at electroplating sites
  • Bioremediation of former timber treatment site waste
  • Environmental testing, chemical screening and management of remedial trials at a former metal smelting facility
  • Preliminary site screening, residue analysis and clean-up of hydrocarbon contaminated sites
  • Mine tailings investigation and rehabilitation
  • Phyto and bioremediation of arsenic in soils at ex-horticultural sites and former sheep dip sites
  • Pioneering in situ soil stabilisation techniques can be applied to appropriate sites for remediation of metal and organic contaminants
  • In situ barrier wall systems
  • Free product removal
  • Dual phase vacuum extraction (free and dissolved phase hydrocarbons)
  • Air sparging
  • Bio - remediation

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