Final Load of Topsoil for Enormous 54-hectare Park for Auckland

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Today marks a milestone for EnviroNZ returning the Greenmount landfill site to Council to develop it into parkland.

A truck delivered one of the last loads of topsoil to the site as part of an official ceremony attended by Lushington Estate members, Ngai Tai Ki Tamaki iwi, Panuku Development Auckland, the Howick Local Board and EnvironNZ staff.

The 54ha former quarry site in East Tamaki was decommissioned as a landfill in 2005. Since then it has been restored to close to its original landform through an extensive fill operation. Once remedial works are complete, the site will consist of a 70m high grassed dome with a flat peak. This peak has unique and spectacular 360 degree views of Auckland.

Managing Director of EnviroNZ, Gary Saunders, says the company's 11-year project to restore the site has been done with respect for the past and excitement for the future.

"We are very mindful of the Ngai Tai Ki Tamaki tribe's historic guardianship and involvement here, as well as the generous bequest to the local Council by the Lushington estate in 1932.

"Now, as we see the Howick Local Board take the leading role in the land's development into a place for everyone, EnviroNZ feels very proud to have been part of that process. Our commemorative gift to the people of East Tamaki to mark today's milestone is $10,000 of trees to enhance the park," says Mr Saunders.

The Howick Local Board will continue its planning to develop the site into a public park, plans for which it shared publically in April this year. Plans include areas for play, to walk and cycle, native planting and features to enhance the landscape and celebrate its history. 

"This place has come a long way in recent years, and the board is excited about the prospect of being able to transform the land in to a public space for everyone to enjoy – including the many people who work in the Greenmount and East Tāmaki area," says Howick Local Board chair, David Collings.

"We've got funding committed to allow the first stage of works to start once the land is available to work on but it could still be a few years before the full vision of for the park is realised, but today marks a very significant step towards that vision becoming a reality.  The community is really looking forward to it. "

The park will opened to the public in stages as funding allows.

In the New Year there will be works to complete closure and removal of infrastructure not required for the future to prepare the site for development of the park.

Pictured below:  David Collings and Gary Saunders shovelling the last load of topsoil

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