EnviroNZ releases its first sustainability report

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EnviroNZ releases its first sustainability report

The growing movement to replace throwaway habits and embrace circular practices in our homes and businesses has highlighted the importance of resource recovery and sustainable waste management practices. EnviroNZ’s first ever sustainability report, released today, looks at the company’s role in supporting New Zealand’s shift to low carbon, low waste living for people and the planet.

View the full report here.

Best known for its EnviroWaste business, EnviroNZ’s national network of collection services and critical infrastructure facilities supports the vital sustainability efforts of local councils, customers and communities across New Zealand.

“We see ourselves as a strategic partner that works with every industry to deliver tangible solutions that can bring the circular economy to life. New Zealand’s drive to decarbonisation means all sectors are thinking about how to efficiently recover, recycle and reuse more and waste less through a low carbon lens,” says EnviroNZ Chief Executive Chris Aughton.

“We deal with the confronting reality of New Zealand’s waste problem every day and that puts us in a unique position to help bring about change. People want us to make it easier to do the right thing and to empower and support them to make sustainable decisions,” he says.

“This report reflects we’re on a journey just like many New Zealand businesses. Sustainability for us is about being a responsible and resilient business that contributes positively to the development of the communities in which we operate.”

EnviroNZ is working towards Toitū carbon reduction certification in 2022. It establishes clear baseline data from which future progress can be tracked and reflects the growing expectation for carbon accountability and action.

“New Zealand businesses look to us for solutions that support their waste minimisation and resource recovery goals. Being a leader means you have to hold yourself to account. By sharing our sustainability story and working with Toitū, we’re showing our genuine commitment to understand and reduce the impact of our activities on the environment and our focus on the responsible use of resources,” says Aughton.

Highlights from EnviroNZ’s Sustainability Report

In 2021, EnviroNZ:

  • Scaled up its critical resource recovery infrastructure to play a bigger role in New Zealand’s fight against waste and the climate crisis. The expansion of its Hampton Downs organics processing facility has doubled its capacity to process green waste and food scraps.
  • Boosted its renewable-energy generation, thanks to a research breakthrough that increased methane capture at its state-of-the-art landfill gas to energy facility at Hampton Downs. The equivalent of 6,000 houses are powered by gas from Hampton Downs.
  • Reduced fleet emissions through electrification, optimising fuel efficiency and driver education. 16 EV trucks are now used for residential collections.
  • Supported customers and communities by continuing to provide critical infrastructure services throughout the pandemic.
  • Focused on employee mental health and wellbeing through its in-house I’ve Got Your Back programme. The company adopted digital processes to keep its team safe and connected through Covid, flexed to hybrid working and promoted facts for the vax to encourage strong vaccine uptake.

Looking ahead, EnviroNZ will continue to focus on processing and recovering waste streams, including organics and construction and demolition materials. 2022 will see the company expand its work in sustainable procurement with the introduction of a new supplier code of conduct, advance its workplace Diversity and Inclusion priorities and roll out a new ESG reporting platform. EnviroNZ also has plans to establish science-based climate targets to maximise and measure its sustainability impact.