Hon. Eugenie Sage views food waste recovery facility first hand

EnviroWaste was delighted to have the opportunity to take the Hon. Eugenie Sage, Associate Environment Minister, on a tour of our Product Destruction and Resource Recovery facility in Auckland.

Food and packaging waste is an unavoidable by-product of the food manufacturing industry, but fortunately solutions are now available to recover and reuse this waste.  Diverting edible or salvageable food to food banks and food rescue programmes should be at the top of every food manufacturer’s list and where this isn’t possible, food waste may be converted to animal feed after recovering and preparing the packaging for recycling.  Complimentary alternative uses such as composting, vermiculture (worm farming) and energy recovery are also finding favour with food manufacturers looking to unlock further value from their food waste. 

Drawing on our expertise and innovation, we are helping many food manufacturers overcome the complexities in introducing or improving their sustainability programmes.  Our secure de-packaging facility, together with specialist infrastructure and processes, address all points of product and packaging recovery, effectively closing the loop on waste creation and reuse, allowing food manufacturers to achieve better results for the environment – and their business bottom line!

Minister Eugenie Sage commented that, “It is great to see a company working with a range of leading New Zealand businesses to divert significant volumes of waste from landfill, by finding innovative ways of dealing with all sorts of materials including packaged, expired food.  Waste audits, reporting and advice are all part of the toolkit.”

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Below left to right:  Minister Eugenie Sage with Spring Humphreys and James Rutter of EnviroWaste, at our Product Destruction & Resource Recovery facility in Auckland.

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