Commercial Services


Why ChemWaste?

As a leader in hazardous waste treatment and disposal, and specialists in the decontamination of infectious substances, ChemWaste can provide disinfection options for the removal of the Covid-19 virus from your site, based on your specific requirements. 

As we all work together to combat this pandemic, ChemWaste is here to do our part to ensure your team returns to a safe work environment.

We have invested in the latest and best cleaning technologies available, which means we are able to deliver cleaning and decontamination services of the highest standard.

Our Services

Our environmental cleaning teams are trained, qualified and experienced, and follow specific procedures, including risk assessments.

Our decontamination procedures ensure that traces of infectious substances can be dealt with effectively and quickly, significantly reducing the chances of onward transmission.

Once the environment has been contained, we remove and dispose of all resulting waste, leaving the treated areas clean and safe.

At ChemWaste, we use only approved, highly effective hospital-grade disinfecting agents and leading products such as Spraystream Disinfecting Cannons to deliver our decontamination services.

Support the safe return of your team to work.

Large and small-scale sanitising solutions available.

Please phone 0800 126 843 (0800 1COVID) or email