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Product and Packaging Destruction and Recovery Solutions

EnviroWaste provides a broad range of waste product solutions to the food, retail, warehousing, transport and insurance industries. We can de-package perishable product that is damaged, out-of-date, recalled or not to specification, and recover the recyclable components for re-use.

We also provide certified product destruction for non-perishable products such as mechanical parts, electronic, home care and personal care items.

We understand the risks associated with substandard product making its way into the marketplace. Our destruction service safely and securely de-packages, recycles and disposes of your product and packaging, ensuring that your brand integrity is protected. And for further peace of mind, our dedicated, secure facility is fully equipped with sensor activated cameras and door sensors, which are monitored 24/7.

When it comes to collecting your product, we can collect it on pallets or purpose built work-in-progress bins. From here, we take the product to be weighed at our certified weighbridge and recorded.

It is EnviroWaste’s goal to minimise potentially re-useable waste going to landfill and divert the recovered materials to alternative uses. Where we can, we will divert your product to stock feed and if this is not possible, it will be used for compost and vermiculture, or to create bio fuel and gas-to-energy.

Similarly, primary packaging (e.g. blister packs, tins, cartons and bottles in direct contact with food), secondary packaging (e.g. cartons and plastic crates) and tertiary packaging (e.g. shrink wrap protecting transported goods) are recycled where possible, with residual components providing the raw material for our gas-to-energy business that generates electricity for the national grid.

Once we’ve finished your job, we issue a Product Destruction Certificate to verify that the job has been completed. We document the product type, destruction date and quantity details.

Below are examples of the types of product we can process:

Food Waste

  • Out of date/out of specification/obsolete products and/or packaging
  • Raw ingredients
  • Damaged products
  • Powdered ingredients
  • Branded packaging
  • Chilled/frozen goods
  • Work-in-progress product
  • Beverages

Secure Product Destruction

  • Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals

  • Damaged stock
  • Cleaning products
  • Insurance claims and product re-calls
  • Bonded products
  • Sensitive products requiring non-disclosure agreements
  • Work-in-progress product
  • Beverages

E-waste Recycling

  • TV's (CRT and Flat Screen)

  • Printers
  • Hard drives/shredding or destruction
  • Audio and video equipment (VCR's and DVD Players)
  • Radios and stereo systems, computers and peripherals
  • Telephones (mobile and landline)
  • Cables and wires (computer and power cables)
  • Anything that is powered by either an electrical power cord or battery


  • Clean, dry polystyrene 

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