Commercial Services

Waste Collections

EnviroWaste provides collection services for any size business. We will assist you with collection requirements for recyclables, residual waste, organics or composting material, clean fill and hard fill. Customisation is the key to our commercial collection services and we tailor collection schedules and bin sizes to specific requirements.

Bin Collections

Wheelie bins
are hygienic and convenient. They are easy to move, block offensive odours and are an easy choice for smaller commercial sites. We have a wide range of wheelie bins for general waste and recycling, with flexible collection schedules.

Front load bins are ideal for businesses. Sturdy, constructed from steel with heavy duty plastic lids, they are available on wheels or skids with the added advantage of being lockable.

These bins come in a variety of sizes and collection schedules to suit you – from on demand empties through to scheduled daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly collections. Our experienced team are able to review your needs and suggest the most efficient option.

Of course these bins are animal and rodent proof, weather resistant and plastic liners are available for some bin sizes too. Reduced rates are available for multiple lifts and long-term hire.

Skips for Commercial Sites

Gantry bins are open top skips. Ideal for building sites; demolition material, garden waste and general refuse clean ups.

Huka bins are similar to our Gantry bins. A Huka bin has a door at one end which can be opened, making it easy to fill. If you need a one off skip or a regular collection – we can help.

Recycling Services for Businesses

We are committed to helping businesses operate in an environmentally sustainable way and will work with you to reduce the volume of waste going to landfill and increase recycling.

EnviroWaste frequently reduces the cost of waste disposal for companies by undertaking careful waste auditing and implementing an integrated waste management programme. This may include implementing recycling, introducing on-site baling of material such as paper and plastic and recommending the best operational layout for minimising waste.

Contact us today to arrange an audit. Our experienced team will assess where you can reduce both waste disposal costs and the volume of waste your company is sending to landfill plus maximise resource recovery and recycling.


EnviroWaste provides collection services for Councils either as a standalone operation or as part of an integrated resource recovery and waste disposal operation. We provide kerbside collection options for the three household waste streams: recyclables; green waste (kitchen and garden waste) and residual waste (refuse).

With waste minimisation at the forefront of local body priorities, many New Zealand Councils are turning to municipal organic waste collection systems and composting operations to divert waste from landfill. EnviroWaste is in a unique position to offer municipal green waste collection and composting services, being the first provider in New Zealand to implement a three-stream residential waste collection system incorporating both kitchen and garden waste.

The collection of household recyclable materials can be achieved via a kerbside collection or a drop off system, where materials are sorted and repacked for disposal or further processing. Our proven experience designing Material Recovery Facilities (MRF) means we can offer the best solution for the needs of your Council or community.

Wellington - Kai to Compost

Kai to Compost is an environmentally conscious food waste collection service for medium to large organic waste producers in Wellington city. Kai to Compost allows businesses to choose from an 80, 120 or 240 litre wheelie bin to use for food scraps. The bins are emptied on scheduled collection days - you choose the day/s that suit. Bins can be collected from waste rooms or the back of shops for your convenience. The food waste is delivered to Wellington Council's commercial compost facility and mixed with green waste to produce compost and gardening products which are sold for use locally as Capital Compost.